Sunday, September 4, 2011

San Remo

With the husband out of town one night, me and the sisters decided to have a girls night out, and decided since we always go for sushi, we should go somewhere else. Then I remember $10 pasta night at San Remo. So we made our way on over. My sister asked if it was better then Chianti's pasta night and I said "Hell Yeah!" The only thing about this place, it's for people who want to take time eating. The service is slow, since they want you to enjoy your meal. So be prepared to be there for at least a couple of hours!

I love complementary bread and butter at Italian placed. I especially love their sun dried tomato butter. The bread was crusty on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside. Both my sisters agree that it was the best butter and bread combo that they have ever tasted.

For an appetizer we ordered the San Remo Meatballs. OH MY GOSH! The meatballs were amazing. Cooked all the way through and so moist! The sauce was so good that we used some of the extra bread to sop it up. I want more of these meatballs.

I ordered the Chicken Parmesan. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the mozzarella cheese melted all over the chicken and pasta, so every bite you got a whole lot of flavor. I would definitely get this guy again when I come.

My sister Diana got the Seafood Linguini. Now I had this the first time I visted here with the husband so I know this is also one of my favorites. The only thing about it I didn't like, was they only give you on shrimp! I know it's $10 pasta night, but maybe a few more shrimps would make customers more happy.

Mary had the Steak and Mushrooms Parpadelle. YUM! I sampled some of hers and it was delicious! The garlic parmesan sauce the had on the pasta made me want to steal her food. You get to pick how well done you want the steak, she likes it a little bit more rare then I do.

Of course we had to try their Tiramisu. I love Tiramisu. There's just something so comforting and yummy about it. I want know that I am staring at this picture as I am writing this. They put raspberry coulis on the bottom and topped with a strawberry on top. Me and mys sisters devoured this in twenty seconds. Seriously, we did.

All in all, San Remo is a great place to come eat when you have all the time in the world. Our server was super nice without being annoying to over attentive. For three people on pasta night the bill was $60.

Nom Nom Nom... What to eat, what to eat.... Calgary restaurants

San Remo
500, 26 McKenzie Towne Gate SE
Calgary, AB T2Z 0N2
phone: 403.251.0998
reservations: Click here

Sunday thru Thursday 430pm to 9pm
Friday and Saturday 430pm to 11pm


  1. Looks like a great place to eat! I've walked by there a few times, and it always smells great! :) I guess one day, I'll walk in!

  2. It's really good. You should definitely try it! Pasta night there is the best. =)

  3. Still thinking about that Tiramisu...

  4. Oh, this looks great! I love Chianti's - but I always order the same thing when I go... the Chicken Parmesan looks really tasty!