Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Me and the hubby are finally going on our honeymoon and my mother and father in law decided to take us to Wurst. Wurst is located where Wildwood used to be. It`s a really nice location and I have to say I love the signage! There are two sections to Wurst the beer hall which is downstairs, and the upstairs a nicer dining experience if you prefer. We opted for the beer hall.

We got the Bavarian wings to share between the four us and it is the damn best thing I ever ate wing wise. It breaded with pretzel on the outside, boneless and stuffed with a sausage. That`s right, a sausage. It`s served with this mustard on the side and it was a meal in itself. Seriously finger licking good.

I wasn`t super hungry so I choose for my main the half dozen oyster from the Cold Bar. It was a mix of east and west coast oysters and I just love oysters. It came with three different sauces, one that was garlic and mayo combo and a cocktail one, and one I couldn`t quite figure out what it was. It tasted like the ocean and was perfect!

Hubby had a Pile Of Bratwurst and it was HUGE serving. It came with creamed potatoes, braised red cabbage and a mustard gravy. Now I liked the mustard that came with the wings, but the mustard gravy that came with the bratwurst had the weirdest taste to me. Surprisingly, the braised red cabbage was delicious and this girl hates cabbage. It was meaty goodness that it hearty and filling.

My mother in law had the Apple and Beet salad. I didn`t sample any of it as I claimed it was too healthy for me. Sorry for the blurriness of this picture. The presentation was really nice though.

Father in law had the schnitzel and it was mouthwatering. I am not one for veal but this was really good and it came with a berry sauce that really made it something else. I didn`t get a picture of this one as father in law pretty much wolfed it down before I had the chance.

Since it was a beer hall, hubby got a four beer sampler so he can test taste different ones. I am not one for beer unfortunately.

All in all, I really liked Wurst, it was a great place to eat and hang out. The have a wall where people can rent, so that they can keep their beer stein there. I like the concept of the place, as most places have the same boring pub food fare, the food here is alot more creative.

Nom Nom Nom... What to eat, what to eat.... Calgary restaurants

Wurst Restaurant and Beer Hall
2437 4th St SW
(403) 245-2345

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