Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ric's Grill Steak and Seafood Chophouse on 17th

Happy New Year fellow food bloggers and readers. I can't wait to see what 2012 brings, as 2011 has been a good eating year for me and my husband. To celebrate, we ended up at Ric's Grill on 17th. I came upon this restaurant when I googled New Year Eve dinner Calgary and this came up on the Opentable website. They had a set menu for $59/person, and the hubby has been here before and said it was good, so next thing I know, I had booked a reservation.

We started off with some drinks, I had the Pomberry Pleaser and the husband had a Manhattan [Husband Edit: If you've never had a Manhattan, it is the manliest girlie looking drink ever, and it's delicious]. Personally, my favourite drinks are red and this drink was a definite pleaser.

For my appetizer, I chose the Ahi Tuna Carpaccio and it was perfection! The tuna was sliced thinly and seared around the edges and just melted in your mouth. It was drizzled with a citrus lemon miso sauce that had enough of a tang to it and complimented the tuna, while the spinach gave it a nice crunch. I admit, I licked the plate clean for that lemon miso sauce.

The husband had the Crispy Calamari, as he is a huge squid lover, especially when it is deep fried. The squid was tender and not chewy at all and it was perfectly crispy. Ric's house made tzatziki was delicious. They added roasted tomato skins to their for an extra kick and I loved it.

Four our soup course we both picked the Clam Chowder. It was smooth and creamy with nice pieces of veggies in it. There was plenty of clams in the chowder and it was delicious. Me and the husband both swoon over this soup.

We both decided on getting the Sirloin as our entree, but I had lobster tail with mine and the husband had king crab legs with his. The entree came with roasted potatoes, and veggies. We both asked for the steak to be medium and they came out a little on the rare side. The steak was super tender though and the seasoning was perfect  in my opinion. It was perfectly charred on the outside, which I really like when I am eating steak. The lobster tail was tasty, especially when I coated it with melted butter. The roasted potatoes were nicely done, but I hate veggies, so I skipped that while the husband ate everything on his plate. We both agreed it was a great piece of steak done right. His king crab legs were amazing he said.

For dessert I settled on the Creme Brulee and was so happy that I did, as I was so stuffed by this point. The husband had the ten year port, so we shared the Creme Brulee. I love how they didn't burn the sugar, it was nicely browned on top. When I poked my spoon through it made a nice crackly sound. It was smooth and creamy and just made it the perfect sweet ending to a perfect dinner with my husband.

I love the atmosphere of Ric' Grill! The booths are so quaint and cosy! I love the dark hardwood against the the gold and red backings of the booths. It was dimly lit and they had music quiet enough that you can hear still here the other person that you are dining with. Nothing worse then being in a restaurant where you have to scream to be heard by your dining partner. I give it a five out a five for a magical New Years Eve dinner.

Nom Nom Nom... What to eat, what to eat.... Calgary restaurants

Ric's Grill
1436 8th St SW, Calgary, Alberta
Tel. 403.269.7427 (RICS)

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