Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Big Fish

So, me and hubby turned the big thirty on Sun and were excited to go out by ourselves for dinner without our little bundle of joy. We decided on Big Fish as I wanted seafood and had heard great things about this place.

It was Sunday night, which was Seafood Paella night. The appetizers that was included that night with it was s. We decided to go with that, as the waitress recommended it, and it sounded amazing.

First off, we had to try the oysters. It was amazingly delicious. I got half a dozen of different varieties. Everything was super fresh and tasty.

Next up, crab and bay shrimp cakes. These are the best crab cakes I have ever had. They were super moist and the flavors just popped in your mouth. The citrus caper aioli danced with crab cakes and I seriously could have ate more. The lobster stuffed mushroom caps with escargot were so tasty. Garlicky goodness and they don't skimp on anything here.

The star of the night was defiantly the seafood paella. Look at all those mussels! It had three fillets of talipia and elk sausage in it. Now, I've never had paella before, and seen it alot on foodnetwork, and my expectation were surpassed when we dug into this bad boy. I couldn't believe how good this was! 

This was how it looked plated. Yum yum! I pretty much ate all the mussels by myself. =)

For dessert we picked the chocolate souffle with vanilla bean mousse. At first we thought it might be too rich, but it was perfect. It was creamy and had a cake like texture for the bottom and sides. It was a great ending to a amazing meal.

All in all, me and hubby will be going back for sure to sample all the other offerings.

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