Sunday, December 18, 2011

Petite Restaurant

So it's my sisters tenth anniversary of being 17, meaning she's turning 27 but doesn't want to. I decided that we should hit up Petite Restaurant for their Calgary Foodies Night menu. This is every Sunday night where they have a set menu for $39.95/person and it changes every week. Which is pretty awesome as you want to come back to see what they have. Being big on reading every Calgary food blog there is, I had to try this place out when I saw it on Calgary Foodies Facebook status.

Me and my little sister Diana, had the Confit Chicken and Mussel Chowder. All I can say about this dish is YUM! I pretty much licked my bowl after. The chowder was smooth and flavourful and the mussels were actually quite big in size, which surprised me. It came with a cracker size garlic bread that was fantastic to sop up the rest of the chowder that was in the bowl. I usually don't like chowder as it's usually heavy but this wasn't at all.

My sister Mary the birthday girl had the Braised Short Rib, which was plated beautifully. The meat was pretty much fall off the bone and she loved it. It came with parsnip puree on the side.

All three of us had the Spring Creek Organic Skirt Steak with Wild Mushroom Cannelloni and Caesar Salad. The steak was a little to rare for me, and the server didn't ask how we liked it done, so I assume it was Chef's choice. The sauce that covered the steak was delicious, and the mushroom cannelloni was perfectly seasoned and was melt in your mouth goodness.

For dessert, I had the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, it was light and airy, just the way I like it. I'm not very fond of densely made cheesecake. The raspberry coulĂ©e topped it off perfectly.

My two sisters had the Sticky Toffee Bread Pudding, it was warm and sweet, but was nicely balanced with the vanilla ice cream. The girls did decide that even though it was good, but they have had better at other places.

The service at Petite was excellent, though they did forget our dessert at the end and we had to wait a while  for it, but I give it 5 stars for atmosphere. It was classy, but not overly classy where you felt like it was too pretentious. I would definitely come again for the Calgary Foodies Sunday night set menu just to see what they come up with.

344 - 17th Avenue SW  Calgary, AB  T2S 0A8

Nom Nom Nom... What to eat, what to eat.... Calgary restaurants